Marie Schiller Donlan — Virginia Beach, Virginia

USED TO BE MARIE DONLAN. Changed her name! This is a licensed marriage and family therapist who had an affair with her patient, telling him that she was much better for him than his wife. She used confidential information she got from private sessions to manipulate the man into a sexual relationship. If you are looking for a therapist, run far away from this one. She is trying to pass herself off as a Mental Health Specialist now. She also claims to be a divorce coach… In more ways than one. Her licenses were suspended in November 2016. She thought she could change her name and outrun her mistakes.

Yvonne Bowers — Pottsville, Pennsylvania

This snaggle tooth bitch cheats on her dum ass husband 24/7. He doesn’t have a clue with wat she does because he is to busy workin all the time. Miss snaggle tooth has a ton of boyfriends on the side that she tells she’s gonna leave them for but she never does because she can’t afford to live on her own! I know, it happened to me! I was startin to love this girl to, jokes on me. Stay away unless you want diseases! If her other boyfriends or husband see this, get tested because your balls will fall off.

Monika Scott Glennon, Huntsville, Alabama

Monika “Nika” Glennon was recommended to my husband and I as a “reputable” realtor when we were new to Huntsville, Alabama and were looking to buy a home. My husbands job relocated us to North Alabama. Monika works for a large local realtor branch. My husband and I initially met with her to go over our specific needs/wants and budget of our prospective new home. We rented an apartment and enrolled our two children in school while we house hunted. Monika showed us around 8-10 homes and while we still had not found the perfect house for us, we were pleased she was working so hard to help us find our home. In the meantime, I found a job and was settling into my responsibilities there. We had a last minute appointment with Monika to show us a house that was for sale but had not yet been put on the market. There was a glitch at work for me and I could not get away. I called my husband and told him to go ahead and view the house, as I could not get away. He said he would take plenty of pictures. I didn’t give it another thought. The problem at work was fixed sooner than I expected, and when I looked at the clock, I realized I could still make the showing if I hurried. I arrived at the home and went to the front door. I saw my husband’s car, and Monika’s car out front so I knew they were there. The door was unlocked. As I entered the home I wandered around the first floor making notes about the granite counter tops in the kitchen, the gas stove, gas fire place, etc…..All of that probably took five minutes. I figured they were in the backyard. I went upstairs with pen and phone in hand, making notes and taking pictures to refer to later. When I walked into the master bedroom my heart stopped. There on the plush, white carpet was my husband and our realtor, Monika “Nika” Scott Glennon. I was frozen for a moment. My feet felt like lead weights. They didn’t even notice me standing there as my husband pulled out/pushed her off and ********** all over her chest and face. I immediately composed myself and started snapping pictures of both of them naked and obviously engaging in intercourse. Then I started screaming. I honestly can’t remember what I was screaming…I was so upset. I’m sure it was a string of expletives. I got pictures on my phone of her and my husband completely naked, with her on top, riding him.Then, more of them both in various stages of putting their clothes back on as well. I just got out of there as quickly as possible after that. I know she thought I was going to call her boss and try to get her fired, but I didn’t. I didn’t for the following reasons: Monika “Nika” Scott Glennon had no obligation to me. I was nobody to her. It was my husband who had a commitment to me, to our children. He married ME. He took vows to be my husband and to forsake all others. HE WAS THE PROBLEM in this scenario. If HE had not been willing to cheat on me, SHE wouldn’t have been riding him. Don’t get me wrong. She knew he was married. She was a nasty **** who didn’t care. She was guilty of being a disgusting ***** of a woman, one who will go after your husband if she finds him attractive. (I believe she is married as well) The pictures I snapped sealed the fate of this situation. I made my husband move out. I met with an attorney the next week and filed for divorce. The pictures I took of them made my divorce go very well for me. I got EVERYTHING!!! I got every dime of the sale (equity) of our previous home. I got child support, and alimony too. I didn’t just get even, I got it ALL!!!!!! Lowdown, sorry *** husband. I’m posting this because I want to warn other women about this “woman” and encourage you to stay away from her. DO NOT USE THIS WOMAN AS A REALTOR. (Monika Scott Glennon) She’s a person without remorse or moral compass. She is the enemy of decent women everywhere. But, I’ve come out better than okay. My divorce was final two months ago. I just bought a nice home for me and our children. I’m going to be just fine. I WANT TO THANK THE CREATORS OF this site. You are providing a platform for women to come together, and to comfort and warn each other about women like Monika “Nika” Scott Glennon. Love to you ladies.

Monika Scott Glennon
Agent with Re/Max Alliance
Office Phone
(256) 799-2999
Fax (256) 799-2998
(256) 665-8772

Tesslynn Aiker — Winnipeg, Canada

This vampire girl only comes out after dark and then for the sole purpose of meeting her “friends.” That’s what Tesslynn’s men tell their wives she is, their friend. They go back to their wives, always, she just wants their viscous fluids. And, they want her milky whiteness, even for the night. They always finish by sunup, go back to their wives and have great baby-making sex until they can sneak back out and bask in her moonglow. It’s a perfect vampire story, one the wives don’t usually recognize, one that doesn’t usually interrupt their fantasy of being in “the most perfect relationship.” This moon-bitten creature, Tesslynn, is gifted, she doesn’t leave marks on her victims. She does change names frequently on Facebook, however, just to blind the wives with confusion.

Nessa Hines — Manitoba, Canada

Swoop in and steal, that’s what Nessa does. Like a seagull after a piece of popcorn, she dives after other women’s men. Unsuccessful a lot of times, she isn’t detoured, she swoops again. She’s hungry for a man and will repeatedly go after what she needs until she’s successful. She prefers men with no kids, just in case she wants to keep one of them and start her own family, but, she doesn’t discriminate and is not satisfied with just her fiance, she wants more popcorn. SHe’s in feeding mode, now, again. Watch out for this shit falling on the head of your marriage, it’s dirty and will make you say, ewww…

Ty Maxwell – Beaverton, Michigan

I have been a victim of Ty Maxwell for years. He maintains several relationships at one time and convinces women he is working away or with his family. He is a pathological liar and feels no love or remorse for harming you. He is a textbook narcissist and harms anyone in his path. I’m ashamed to even admit how long I’ve allowed his destruction. Not only did he cheat and lie for years, he is physically abusive and no one can touch him. He lives in a place where he is protected because of his family’s wealth and reputation. He continues to leave a path of destruction and blames everyone else for it. I have heard from three of his previous employees that he is bisexual and has tried to have sexual relations with them. They have very explicit stories and names of people they would not know if this wasn’t true.

Matthew Fraser, Sydney Australia

Matt Fraser or known as Matt Fraser from Sydney Australia is man who has no respect for females or the law. Matt is a man who cheats and lies and is a woman basher, he does not care that he almost killed his ex girlfriend, she would be dead if his father did not stop him..Matt’s friends and family will never tell you he is a woman basher,cheater, drug addict, and con man. He is wel known is the construction industry for stealing money from tradies

Stay away from Matt Fraser, he is a woman beater he preys on female in dating sites such as Tinder, he is a predator and dangerous man.